Wire EDM
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Wire EDM

Tighter tolerances and significant surface finishes at a lower cost per part.

Wire EDM

With years of experience, our proficiency in Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) allows us to machine integral features, sharp corners, deep cavities, external or internal tapers up to 30°, and highly intricate contoured shapes with repeatable tolerances as tight as ±.002mm.

These competencies allow us to keep up with the increased demand for tighter tolerances and excellent surface finishes at a lower cost per part.

Our EDM machines include:

  • Charmiles Robofil 4030 SI wire EDM
  • Mitsubishi MV2400R wire EDM
  • Mitsubishi MV1200R wire EDM
  • ACTSPARK SD1 Drill Sparker
  • ACTSPARK SP1 Die sinker

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